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Welcome to Beacon Health Options Arkansas Provider Online Services!

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Beacon Health Options, the QIO-like organization for the Arkansas Division of Medical Services (DMS), provides utilization and quality control peer review for outpatient behavioral health services to qualifying Arkansas Medicaid beneficiaries.  Beacon Health Options also is the QIO-like organization which provides utilization  and quality control peer review for inpatient psychiatric services for Arkansas Medicaid beneficiaries under the age of twenty-one.
Inpatient utilization and quality control peer review activities include the following:

  • Certification of Need and determination of medical necessity for admission
  • Continued stay and quality of care for inpatient psychiatric treatment by providers who are enrolled in the Arkansas Medicaid inpatient psychiatric program
  • Care coordination in connection with admission diversion
  • Discharge planning
  • De-institutionalization for beneficiaries meeting predefined benchmarks

Outpatient utilization and quality control peer review activities include the following:

  • Prior authorization
  • On-site retrospective review activities including program policy
  • Medical necessity

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Review the Provider Handbook to obtain information about our policies and procedures. It includes a detailed program overview, claims and billing information and more.  Please refer to the National Beacon Health Options Participating Provider Handbook for general information.

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